Vision without action is a daydream, Action without vision is a nightmare.
-- Japanese Proverb --

We see things not as they are, but as we are.
-- H. M. Tomlinson --

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Journal Entry #1

Personal Mission Statement


Throughout my life, I will strive to be better and maintain high work ethics.  I will continue to dream big, set higher goals, and be willing to try every opportunity that arises.  I will learn to relax in complex situations and be open to learning other ideas.  I will reciprocate kindness and a positive mental attitude to people around me.


Personal Vision Statement

I intend to represent the values of giving, gratitude, and willingness in my daily life.  This will allow me to gain a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in my work and in my life, generally.  I recognize that I already possess the qualities of caring, creativity, and friendliness and I intend to find ways to bring these more fully into everything that I do.  I acknowledge that my faults are impatience, fear of failure, and indiscipline, but I will do what I can to transform these aspects of myself.  What really matters in my life is spending time with my wife, being physically fit, and spending time with friends, and I commit to remembering this each day so that I stay aligned with my vision and values.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2004
Journal Entry #2

Long-Term Goals (2-5 years)
Continue marriage with Dawna
Raise my children
Take my parents on a cruise vacation
Take my brothers and their families on an overseas vacation

Short-Term Goals (6 months - 2 years)
Continue marriage with Dawna
Raise a family with 2 or more children
Travel to Germany, Australia & Hong Kong

Immediate Goals (0-6 months)
Maintain a loving, caring marriage to my wife, Dawna
Plan future events together

Long-Term Goals (2-5 years)
Own my own home-based business
Travel to other countries and instruct business seminars
Teach other people to be financially free

Short-Term Goals (6 months - 2 years)
Network with people
Prospect new reps for our business
Teach other people to be financially free
Travel to Malaysia

Immediate Goals (0-6 months)
Network with people
Prospect new reps for our business

Long-Term Goals (2-5 years)
Be a leader and an example to others

Short-Term Goals (6 months - 2 years)
Be a leader and an example to others
Volunteer to teach Christian youth-groups

Immediate Goals (0-6 months)
Continue being faithful in my daily devotions and prayer
Learn what the Truth of God is

Long-Term Goals (2-5 years)
Make $100K/mon. income
Be totally debt-free
Build equity in real estate purchases
Eat at high-class restaurants without worrying about food prices

Short-Term Goals (6 months - 2 years)
Make $50K/mon. income
Own a home
Drive a BMW 645 (bought by Gano Excel)

Immediate Goals (0-6 months)
Make $5-10K/mon. income
Make money in our Gano Excel business to pay all our bills
Buy more trendy clothes
Lease a Mazda 6

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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
Journal Entry #3

Differentiated Selves

Academic Self – I am currently pursuing a higher education in the IT/Programming field to achieve success in my future life with my wife and future family.

Religious Self – I strive to be a stronger Christian, practicing the teachings we are taught through the Gospel of Christ.  Sunday mornings is our day to rest and worship.  Wednesday evenings is when we have a Bible study.

Computer Self – I enjoy working with computers, trying to make them work more efficient.  I love to program web pages using my artistic, creative touch to make them appealing and fun.

Married Self – I have been married to my wife, Dawna, for 6 ½ years.  We both endeavor to be better spouses to each other and communicate more.  We are planning to start a family sometime next year, or when the computer career is stable enough to support a family.  Hopefully, this can all happen next year.

Optimistic Self – Over the past five years, I have changed my outlook on life, looking for the silver lining in every experience.  By being an Independent Business Owner and Member of Quixtar (owned by the Amway Corporation), I have realized there can be a bright future, if I dream big and set goals for my life.  Through the wonderful teaching and training provided by the leaders of Quixtar, I have had the opportunity to listen to many successful people, and have read many books on self esteem and self help.  I believe there is a rewarding future for myself, my wife and future family.

My differentiated selves listed above are all related to each other in a unique fashion.  For me, it is quite simple.  When I married Dawna, we were both strong in our faith and believed that our strength came from being strong in the church, attending meetings, then through this faithfulness, we could be a help to others.  One of the great aspects of our marriage, even to this day, is the caring for each other that helps us be better Christians, both in our private and public lives (married and religious selves working together).
Right from the beginning of our marriage, we worked together to start building a business foundation by being affiliated to Quixtar.  This helped us to start dreaming about the possibilities for our future – where we wanted to live, work and play; the quality of lifestyle we wanted for our family, etc.  These dream-building sessions, looking at expensive show-homes, test-driving expensive cars, putting pictures of our dreams on our fridge, all strengthened my optimistic self.
By me having an optimistic self, I could picture myself in a promising career in IT and computer programming (computer self); maybe not programming a better word processing program like Microsoft Word, but maintaining a computer system or network for a company.  This dream of mine made me research a few different educators in the Calgary area.  I started learning about the IT industry and web programming through computer magazines, but needed a more regimented schedule to follow to rise above the average computer Joe.  DeVry offered small classroom size and personal instruction with a schedule that allows mature students the flexibility to work a part-time job, while attending school (computer self leading me to my academic self).

Possible Selves

Probable Self – I may have high hopes, but I believe I will have a Network Administration position in a leading international IT company.  It is my dream and desire to live and work in Germany, learning the culture and experiencing their way of life.
To reach this self, I will have to do lots of research about the German culture.  The DeVry Career Services provides help to attain this goal.  I will have to be committed, start right away, network with many people already experiencing other countries and search out different sources.

Ideal Self – My ideal self would be to work a comfortable schedule that would allow the maximum flexibility.  This would entail working when I am fully awake and alert, usually between 3pm and 12am.  I am what many would call, a ‘night owl’, working my best in the evening/night-time hours.  I would like to work from my home, possibly even running my own company.  I like to sleep-in and wake up when my body naturally wakes up.  I would still live in Germany, but with more flexibility when and where I worked.
For this self, I will have to be a successful employee at an established company, then branch out and start my own similar venture.

Ever Considered Self – This self takes me to a place of total freedom, some people may call a ‘pipe dream’.  This level of living would provide freedom from debt - owing nothing, having complete financial freedom.  I would also have my own company dynasty, that would offer me the time and money to travel to exotic places, eat what I wanted to eat, buy what I wanted to buy (within reason), and enjoy being together with my wife and family without the stress and headaches of work.
This self would take a lot of work to achieve, although there is a possibility of it happening.  I believe there is a plan for my life.  I just need to be willing for the experiences and be in the right place at the right time!

Possible Self to Avoid

Just Getting By Self – This self is one that I do no wish to be.  I have witnessed the negative-thinking in my family, where they live “just by being content in the place God has put you”.  My parents always told me to “get a good job” and “good things come to those who wait”.  The problem with this is there is no such thing as a “good job”.  It has been told me that a job is an acronym, meaning, “just over broke”, and I believe it.  To be successful in anything, one must reach out and make opportunities happen, not just sit on the curb and wait for them to knock.  “Just getting by” is stinking thinking.  This is the effects of poor planning and no effort to change oneself into the person they want to become.

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Wednesday, April 07, 2004
Journal Entry #4

Hierarchy of Values



Implications of the Order of my Hierarchy of Values


I live my life with a relationship with God; a higher power that I believe directs me in the choices I make.  With this spiritual power, I strive to rise above the norms through education and knowledge.  By extending my education I feel like I can climb to higher levels of self-actualization in my church, career and in my marriage.  The constant search for information propels me to know the complete facts and details of something before I tackle them.  With this understanding, I can then venture out into the unknown and take risks more easily.  Identifying certain facts allow me to live a comfortable life and seek a comfortable lifestyle.  When I am reassured that everything is going smoothly, I can be more honest with myself, my wife, and others in business and friendships.  While being honest to myself and others, I do not like to be caged and penned into long commitments (outside of marriage).  I am a person who strives to be a leader – continuously breaking new ground and seeking out new horizons.  I like change and by being a leader, allows me to change.  By valuing change through leadership, I believe there is much potential in my future, whereby I can face these awaiting challenges with a positive attitude and not fear the outcomes that may arise.  This positive mental attitude and future potential makes me endeavor to have an image that is conducive to continued learning, excelling in all aspects of life.  I perceive this image as being a person who can make a difference in the world, through my spirituality and my other values.

Image created by Roger using Adobe Photoshop 

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Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Journal Entry #5

My Perfect Day


06:00 am

My day would start when I wake up to the sound of a soft rock radio station and freshly brewed coffee.  I would then have a relaxing shower, shave and dress for a fun day of snowmobiling.

07:00 am

My wife and I would prepare a full breakfast, complete with sliced grapefruit, orange juice, coffee, a big bowl of Cream of Wheat porridge.  After breakfast, we would have a little Bible study around the table.

08:00 am

My wife prepares a picnic lunch with fresh fruit, peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches, and other emergency tools, just in case.  I feed our horses, dog, cats and chickens.

09:00 am

We would then get dressed for the day’s weather, and pack extra sweaters, socks and mitts, along with a Hudson’s Bay Co. blanket.  I strap my digital camera to my belt.

10:00 am
Go outside, pull two snow machines out of their storage shed and warm them up for about 20 minutes.  I then hook up the sled to my machine to haul the food and extra clothing.


It is now time to ride out and enjoy a full day in the snow.  It is lightly snowing, but the sun is shining bright.  We don our sunglasses, put our helmets on, and ride out of our property onto the groomed trail.


We stop in an open clearing to take some pictures of each other on our snowmobiles, the scenery and prepare to ride again.

01:00 pm

We follow the groomed trails, enjoying the ride and a few glimpses of white-tailed deer and rabbits.

02:00 pm

There is a little cabin along the trail that was built by the snowmobile club to act as a shelter for emergency use, but can also be used in good weather for picnics and resting.  We stop and wipe down the snow machines, then go into the cabin and eat a little lunch.  I make a fire in the wood stove for warmth.

03:00 pm

After a nice rest, we pack up our supplies and head back onto the trail.

04:00 pm

Along the trail, we meet some of our friends out for a ride on their snow machines.  We pull off the trail and chat for a while.   The sun is going down, giving a beautiful sunset, so we take some more pictures of our trip.

05:00 pm

We head back to our home town in the dark.  There are hardly any trail users, so we have the trail to ourselves.  The moon is out and lighting the trail ahead of us.

06:00 pm

We arrive at a fancy restaurant in town and park our machines in the parking lot, near the front entrance.  We get out of our riding suits and leave them with the front host.  Next, we order prime rib dinners and eat until we are both stuffed.

07:00 pm

Dawna and I relax in the restaurant listening to a live jazz band and drinking hot chocolates.


08:00 pm

After paying the bill for our meal, we suit up and ride our snowmobiles home.  I clean up the machines and park them in the shed, locking them up with anti-theft devices.

09:00 pm

My wife and I quickly feed the horses, dog and cats and gather the eggs from the chicken coop.

10:00 pm

We both have a relaxing candle-light soak in our Jacuzzi hot tub.

11:00 pm

Then hop into bed for some cuddling and passionate love making.

12:00 am - 08:00 am

Bedtime and sleep.

My Dream Home



Main Floor Plan      Upper Floor Plan


Implications of My Dream Home


I can picture my dream home built on a country ranch, somewhere in southern Alberta.  My home will be on a landscaped lot with premium sod and a water fountain in the front entrance.  There would be many flower beds with evergreen shrubs, trees and lots of colorful flowers.  For security purposes, I would have an alarm system installed in the house, as well as other mood/security lighting around the property.





I envision my kitchen to be high-tech European design, with heated marble floors and bright halogen lighting.  The appliances in the kitchen would be stainless steel.  A center island-counter would have a triple-basin sink with a hanging pot rack above the island.  On the east side of the kitchen, there will be a breakfast nook with a sun-room.  This room’s windows can be fully opened to enjoy the morning sun.



Living Room


My living room would be home to many high quality products.  There would be a high-quality Bang & Olufsen sound system mounted on one wall.  A leather sofa and leather chairs would be situated around the room for conversations.  Halogen lighting will be used to highlight quality artwork hanging on the walls.  A baby grand piano will be placed in the den.  This den is the music and library room, complete with comfortable seating.



Master Bedroom


I have always wanted a large master bedroom with lots of room and large dressers.  This room has a king-sized sleigh bed with mirrored ceiling tile above the bed.  There would be walk-in closets for both my wife and I.  High quality cherry-wood dresser, armoire and bed-side tables would be placed around the room.  An adjacent master bathroom is complete with a tub, surround shower unit, private toilet and double vanity sinks.



Guest Bedroom


The guest bedroom is the room over the den.  It has large closets with oak-wood dressers and night tables.  It has a queen-sized bed on carpeted floors and throw rugs for comfort.


Dining Room


The dining room will be furnished with quality furniture.  I enjoy hosting dinner parties, so this room will have a large 14-place-setting dining table on a hardwood floor.  A china cabinet along one wall will house the expensive china and crystal dinnerware.



Guest Bathroom


This bathroom has a private toilet area, so the vanity and shower facilities would still be available to guests and children.  The wall over the sink would be mirrored.





The floor plan of my dream home shows only a two-car garage, but I would double the size to a four-car garage to allow for maximum storage.  I plan to have many high quality vehicles that need protection from the elements.  A BMW 330ci, Mazda3 sedan, Toyota Celica GT, along with snowmobiles, four-wheelers, a fishing boat and numerous kids’ toys would fit nicely into this area.



Furnished Basement


On one side of the furnished basement is a room that will be my office.  This room will have a state-of-the-art computer system with a high-speed Internet connection.  I envision this room to have hardwood flooring.


On another side of the basement is a little kitchenette with bar for hosting our children’s birthday parties and get-togethers.  The recreation area would include a pool table, foosball table, fireplace and an adjacent Jacuzzi hot-tub.


The furnace room will house three water heaters to provide warm water for the bathrooms, kitchen and Jacuzzi tub.  A water softener and purifier would be attached to the main water supply for the home.



Work Shop/Utility Shed


This shed would be built outside to have a room to putter, build and repair things around the farm.  An arc welder, various carpentry tools and auto body/mechanics tools would be stored in this area.  This shed also would be the storage place for the landscaping and gardening tools, such as the riding lawn mowers, rakes, shovels and the underground irrigation system.

Image and floor plans sourced from http://www.designsplus.com/PLAN0012433.html


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Wednesday, May 05, 2004
Journal Entry #6

My Theory of Money

In my life, money determines my level of freedom.  I have dreams of someday having enough money to live a comfortable life of no financial worry or concern.  My view of financial independence is always having money to purchase many things, mainly out of enjoyment than actual necessity.  A dream of mine is to eat dinner at an expensive restaurant and not have to choose the food I can afford, but enjoy a meal not worried about the cost.


Money plays a part on the successful achievement of my long-term goals.  Although it does not specifically determine my personal success and family commitments, money will enable me to be successful in business.  Many of my short-term and intermediate goals do not require a substantial amount of money to be achieved, although having more money would make them come true faster. 


I am a person who dreams of being wealthy; not for the unnecessary purchases of material things, but as a level of comfort – being able to take care of family needs and spend time with family and friends.  In the past, money has always “burnt a hole in my pocket”, where I had the urge to spend every last dollar and not save any for a “rainy day”.  In the past, I desired small purchases of fancy gimmicks, entertainment devices and cheap entertainment.  I realize that these things only satisfied me at the time.  By focusing on the long-term dreams and goals I have set, I can learn to value money from a professional point-of-view.


I have lived my life not balancing a check book.  I have not been concerned with the little nickels and dimes that are missing from my account.  I have always been well fed, clothed and provided for and come up with the funds to live a comfortable life.  When it comes to friendships, I do not put money a priority over friends.  I have always believed the monies I spend and lend out in the interest of friendship will return to me someday many times over.


I believe money is a necessary reward for the amount of work done for a company.  Money determines where I live, what type of food I eat, and what type of entertainment I can afford.  I am content at work, not only from the money I receive as wages, but from the amount of recognition and praise for my work ethics, morals and values.  When I am happy doing the work I do and put in an honest effort, I do not put to much thought into the amount of money I will be receiving, but know I will be rewarded accordingly.

Image source: http://www.washington.edu/computing/windows/issue18/graphics/money.gif

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Wednesday, May 12, 2004
Journal Entry #7

My Centeredness

According to Stephen Covey, my life centers on family, friends and church.  All three centers are intertwined and ultimately affect how I see the world.  My immediate family begins with my wife, Dawna.  We are happily married and plan to have a family of our own in the near future.  My two younger siblings are both married and living in two different countries.  I feel I am close to both of them, although they live miles away.  My middle brother, Roland, and his wife Jan, have a small family of two sons; Jaden aged 3 and Kidron at 8 months, and live in Raymond, Alberta.  My youngest brother, Gerald, and his wife Jayne, live in Cadillac, Michigan, with no children yet.  My parents, Edward and Elvina, live in my home town of Dryden, Ontario.

I have a couple of close friends in Calgary, which I spend a lot of time with.  I never was comfortable hanging out in large crowds of people, so I enjoy spending my free time with a select few.  I like to be around friends who respect me for who I am, build up my confidence and self-worth, and who go out of their way to help in whatever way they can.  I believe my own actions, ethics and morals determine the type of friends I choose.

          On Sunday mornings, I attend a small church worship meeting, which gives my spirit a lift and helps keep the balance in my life.  In this gathering, there are about 20 others that I enjoy fellowship with and learn from their experiences.  I believe God is at the absolute center of my life, which guides me in the conscious decisions I make every day, where I spend my time, what I accomplish and how I treat others.

The following four factors explain more about the source of my centeredness:




My security comes from how I am accepted with others.  At the moment, my basic security needs are met by my wife working while I finish my degree at DeVry.  She works full-time as a Licensed Practical Nurse at the Foothills Hospital.  Her wages provide for food, rent and clothing, as well as saving for a graduation trip.




The source of the guidance for my life has been based on my past successes in work and school.  I believe in a higher power that opens and closes doors of opportunity, depending on what stage of life I am at.  My daily school life has a schedule, but outside of that, I generally just make plans as the day progresses, with not scheduling my time in advance.




My wisdom is based upon the Bible scriptures, past experiences with employment and the knowledge I gain from continuing friendships.  Reading the Bible, praying to God and meditating on the scriptures help stabilize me in today’s world.  My level of wisdom puts others first and accepts defeat.  I believe there is hope for everyone, no matter what stage of life they are at.



I gain my power from knowing where I am heading, in relation to my education and past experiences in customer service.  The Bachelor of Science degree I am pursuing gives me strength of mind, and boosts my confidence that I will be accepted as a capable person in society.  The dreams and goals I set prompt me to seek out ways of achieving success, whether this is through education, networking with business associates or reading self-help books.

Image source: Designed by Roger using Adobe Photoshop,

interpreted from the original graphic from Stephen Covey’s book,
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, page 110.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Journal Entry #8

A Healthy Balanced Life

I plan to live a healthy balanced life for the rest of my days.  By renewing and exercising the four dimensions of my nature (physical, mental, spiritual and social/emotional), I will be able to achieve a greater level of personal success.  My personal time is important to the continuance and survival of me – I am somebody and need to have a healthy body, mind, character and attitude.  The following dimensions outline the steps I am willing to take to lead a healthy balanced life.




Throughout the past three years pursuing my post-secondary education at DeVry, I have put off physical exercise to the point where my body is uncomfortable and embarrassing.  I plan to start an active exercise curriculum that involves a healthier food diet and a structured weight-loss program.  I enjoy the sport of cycling, so I also plan to get outside and take pleasure in nature as a way to reduce my stress levels.  I also enjoy hiking, which allows me to increase my levels of strength, endurance and flexibility (Covey 289).





While attending DeVry, I have experienced an increase in my learning abilities.  Through constant research into new concepts, exploring new subjects and creatively expanding my horizons, I have reached a level of constant learning.  To live a healthy life, I plan to continue learning new things and honing my past educational knowledge.  About a year ago, I began reading more story books to relax my mind before bedtime.  I currently write weekly entries in a blog (online journal).  My active blog is called ‘Monkey Business’ at http://monkeybusiness.blogdrive.com.  As part of the renewing process of my mental dimension, I would like to visualize, think and dream more “out-of-the-box”.  If I think more in terms of success than of mediocre, I can live a healthier, well balanced life.  To keep my mind active, I plan to set a daily schedule for my life to allow me to effectively keep track of my time and personal agenda.





To gain a healthier spiritual life, I need to be more active in my daily Bible study, meditation and prayer.  By living my life according to the Scriptures, tuning my life to God, and living a Christian life, I will be a happier person.  This practice will allow me to refocus on what is important in life, restructure my priorities and have more love to serve as a part of the ministry.  My love for hiking also allows me to retune my spiritual life, by thinking on how my life is in tune with God and how I could be a better Christian to others.




My emotions are based on how well I communicate with my wife, Dawna and my close personal friends.  To lead a well balanced and healthy life, I need to actively listen to what my wife says to me and take a 100% interest in her needs and desires.  I plan to live a more honest life that others will see and benefit from.  I plan to exercise this dimension by interacting more with people in the information technology (IT) field.  I need to enlarge my circle of influence and acquire friendships in and around the IT industry.  By involving myself as a ‘solution finder’ in larger circles of influence, I can increase my market value, which will lead me to a healthier person.  When I practice these actions, my self-esteem will increase, I will be emotionally secure and be able to live an honest life.  “Peace of mind comes when your life is in harmony with true principles and values and in no other way” (Covey 298).



Works Cited

Covey, Stephen R. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. New York: Fireside, 1990.

Image source: http://www.sigmapi.org/artwork.cfm?vPage=artwork


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